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Mature Tree Loss?

26 Apr

Mature Tree Loss? Did your large tree specimens suffer damage from the Ice storm? Are your large Ash trees dying due to Emerald Ash Borer? We have the large replacement trees you are looking for. For forty years PAO Horticultural has been sourcing and shipping a wide variety of mature trees and shrubs for public, corporate and residential clients. As the years have progressed PAO has developed an expertise in digging, handling large specimen trees. Our methods of transplanting trees allow PAO to move trees the traditional tree spade trucks are not able to handle. Sometimes a tree spade isn’t an option. Issues such as such as wide and low branching structures, underground utilities or structures, rocky and sandy soil conditions or simply the ability to get the trees spade to the tree are common issues when attempting to use a traditional tree spade. At PAO we dig plants with self-supporting root balls that provide is a variety of options when actually moving the tree. Root balls can be custom dug to accommodate the most awkward planting areas. PAO can source and transplant suitable replacement trees into your existing landscape to create a new mature canopy without waiting years for trees to grow. Dawn Redwood

Large Dawn Redwood to be shipped to Goderich

Rootball of a Pin Oak

Hand dug root ball of a Pin Oak

Pin Oak Relocation

Picture of the size of the Pin Oak

Maple Move

Moving Maples at Cathedral Town in Toronto

Craning Trees

Craning Trees into residential backyard

Instant Shade

Trees for around the pool

No more snow – so we are digging big trees again….

22 Apr

I am not going to talk about the winter, about the snow, the ice, the cold and how long it was.  It is done so now we can do what we do best – digging and planting trees.  We have been getting lots of inquiries regarding large trees that were lost due to ice storm damage or have succumbed to the Emerald Ash Borer.  One of the calls was from the lovely Casa Loma in Toronto.  They are changing the gardens and would like to preserve two of there specimen trees rather than cutting them down.  They had a beautiful Paperbark Maple and a lovely Flowering dogwood that they wanted to see if we were interested in.  Of course we were – and it was PAO off to the rescue.  These lovely trees are now at our yard and we look forward to them blooming and coming into leaf.  Who knows where they will end up!


Large Paperbark MapleFlowering DogwoodCasa Loma





Casa Loma

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