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Our New Shipment and our move…

21 Jun

My blogging has dwindled lately but with all that is going with the yard being moved and all the planting it is a lot to keep up with.  Our nursery looks so sad with all the trees being moved – we are 70% done.  The fields are all weeds and holes.  Sadly, there are casualties, damaged root balls, and death of trees that are dug at the wrong time.  There is also the issue of drought when the trees have been dug and placed on top of the ground waiting to get to the nursery.  There have been losses and many of them but we move on.  It is really overwhelming that there is so much to do.  There is still all the statuary to move and the potted plant material and the office.  I don’t think we will make our deadline but it certainly hasn’t been for lack of effort.  We have been working 7 days a week since March at least 12 hour days.

On a happier note the new nursery looks great and finally becoming a reality.  We have our first shipment from Oregon arriving n Monday which is exciting.  Lot’s of Japanese Maples, large Boxwood Spirals, Hornbeams and Beech trees and more.  We are all ready to order our second load but holding on until we see what happens with the move.  But I will post pictures of the new product once it arrives.

This is where are Crimson King Maples were.  Notice the Crab Apples dug up on the side.

This is where are Crimson King Maples were. Notice the Crab Apples dug up on the side.

Empty Fields

This is where the Princeton Gold Maples once stood.

More Empty fields

This where the Serviceberries were

Empty Fields

Norway Maples ready for the new nursery.

Ready for the Wagon

Trees lined up along the roadway for pick up

Maples and Gingkos

Maples and Gingkos ready for the new nursery

Empty Fields

Weeds and holes

Wagon Loads of Trees to be moved

Wagon Loads of Trees to be moved

New Nursery

Ivory Silk Lilacs just planted in at the new nursery

Princeton Gold Maples

Beginning to take shape – there are our Princetons!

Columnar Maples

Another row complete

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