March 2015

12 Mar

Well it finally feels like spring is coming.  I am not going to write about the weather, everybody knows it was horrible.  Instead I am going to focus on 2015!   A lot has happened at PAO since I have last written, the first big news is that we finally moved!!  We are now at our new location 5592 Trafalgar Road just ½ kilometre north of our original location.  It was no easy feat moving 15,000 trees!  The good news is they are all now root pruned and ready to grow and sell and now we can sell throughout the summer.  The new location is nice and we invite you to come for a tour.  The new farm is laid out with wide roads for easy viewing and tagging. We are still in the construction phase at the front of the yard but once the weather breaks we will start that in earnest.  Our other farm has now produced some larger specimens as well this year and we will have another 8000 trees for sale.

In late spring we plan to have a couple of shipments in from the west coast which will bring some specimen material that we are known for.  We are specifically focusing on Japanese Maples, Boxwoods and some other topiary specimens.  As spring unfolds I will keep you posted on the blog as what is news and some pictures.  We cannot get into the field yet…but soon!

August 2014 - the First half of the office leaves old PAO

August 2014 – the First half of the office leaves old PAO

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