We are looking to find 2 large Magnolias…do you have any?

2 Apr

We are looking to source 2 large Magnolias to re-plant in Toronto.  If you have a large Magnolia that was planted too close to the house or if it has just gotten to big for the property we will come and rescue it.  As you know we are in the business of re-locating large trees.  We will come to your property and hand dig the root ball and remove the tree.  We will back fill the hole and make sure  the lawn is back to grade.  We will then re-plant the tree  on a property in Toronto.  If you have a such a tree or know of a person who has a large Magnolia that they are willing to part with please contact us.

For forty years PAO Horticultural has been sourcing and shipping a wide variety of mature trees and shrubs for public, corporate and residential clients.  PAO has developed an expertise in digging, handling large specimen trees.  Our methods of transplanting trees allows PAO to move trees that traditional spade trucks are not able to handle.  Issues such as wide and low branching structures, underground utilities or structures, rocky and sandy soil conditions or simply the ability to get the tree spade to the tree are common issues.  At PAO we dig plants with self supporting root balls that provide a variety of options when actually moving the tree.  Root balls can be custom dug to accommodate the most awkward planting areas.  As a result we have a higher survival rate.

Large Magnolia Dig - wrapping root ball

Large Magnolia Dig – wrapping root ball

Almost finished...

Almost finished…

Finished product ready for moving

Finished product ready for moving

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