Taking Your Trees With You

24 Apr

This morning I received a call from a client we have done business with for a number of years.  She has a client that is moving to a condo on the Lake Ontario shoreline who will not go unless his Japanese Maple make the trip with him.  This is becoming a very common request these days.  in the past, we have moved trees of dedication in Cemeteries, Universities and building related to government and public use.  Today it is more common with home owner’s who want to move trees planted by a late family member or friend as a way of maintaining the memory and relationship.

Proximity of the plant is very important if equipment is required in the move.  Is it planted over gas and hydro lines?  How close to the house fence or neighbours is it located?  A picture or rough drawing will give us an excellent start in accessing a potential move.  Costs are also to be deciding factor in the decision.  Some people are surprised at the value of some plants and if the plant has sentimental value it is hard to put a price on that.  So if it is 5′ or 50′ high, call us before you cut the tree or move to new home.

Japanese Maple being moved from a home

Japanese Maple being moved from a home


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