When is It Time To Replace A Waranty Tree

4 Nov

Whether its a one year of two year warranty?

     When is it time to use a warranty for a tree that dies? This issue comes up often whether being one or two year warranties. The first thing that I look for is why a tree dies, has it sat in 3 inches of water for several weeks in the summer due to an irrigation line being severed , or was it killed by a system not maitained. No water or to much water will give the same results, dead plants. An irrigation system can give a false sense of security that all is well and looked after. Checking a system once a week, making sure heads pop up and that the valves close are critical to having healthy plants and well maintained appearance of your garden.                                                                         

Drainage  is also very important, this week I went to a complex that is having poor results with things like shrubs and Roses.  Upon looking closely the drains had been pushed up 3 to 4 inches thru excessive frost heaving over the years trapping salt laden water off the sidewalks into the beds. This build up of calicum over several years will destroy any new growth in the plant roots and will leave the planting bed a virtual no mans land. Plants usually will show signs of why they are not doing well and depending on how severe the issues are will determine its survival and state of health. By watching your garden and maintaining  drainage, watching systems and good soil aeration will create healthy plants and a happy gardening experience.


Fall foliage

Fall foliage


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