Large Beech Tree Move

Every now and again we get requests to save large trees.

In this particular case a landscape architect had been called to a client’s house where they wanted to cut down their large Weeping Beech tree as it had grown too big for the front of the their house.

The architect realized the value of this beautiful specimen but needed tree experts to see if it could be saved. They contacted PAO and we went in to assess the situation which was located in Burlington, Ont.

If we hand dug the root ball and saw how the root structure was we could probably move the tree. The tree was 40’ high –higher than their house and about 20’ wide. We quickly realized the tree could be saved so the root ball was dug without damaging the roots.

A crane truck was brought to the site and the tree was lifted from its home and brought back to the tree farm where it was healed in as a show piece. Later that spring a customer came in looking for a large unusual tree and fell in love with the lovely Weeping Beech. Arrangements were made to have the tree planted in her backyard if the soil was compatible. In this case, the tree had to be craned out of our nursery and then craned over a house into her backyard in Brampton. The planting was done in just one day!

The tree is now happily sitting in the customers’ backyard and she is tickled pink!