Shangri La

We were approached by Westbank Properties in BC who were building a large 65 story Shangri La hotel in downtown Toronto.

They were looking for large trees to be placed at various floors of their hotel. First there was 26 Hornbeams to taken up to the penthouse suites on the 65th floor and were to be planted along the glass walls. The trees were at least 20 feet tall and to our knowledge they are highest trees in Ontario.

The roots had to be pruned and balled in a certain manned to fit the planters that were made for them. Then we had to source large Sculpted Pines for various restaurants and vistas that they wanted to create. We also had to source large flat rock for these themes in keeping with the looks of a Zen garden. The trees were finally sourced in Oregon and the rock was sourced at a quarry in Havelock.

The large trees were then shipped to our nursery where they were healed in until the hotel was ready for that part of the construction. They were expertly maintained and pruned here on our Oakville tree farm. The large Sculpted Pines are 50 years old and 20 to 25 feet tall – truly beautiful topiary. When Shangri La was ready for planting we had to get the trees ready.

The rock and 3 Trees were going to the 3rd floor the remaining 6 trees were going to the 6th floor in two different locations. It had to be done on the weekend and we had to close part University Avenue and Adelaide in Toronto to use the crane. Our expert crew got a large job of that capacity done in two weekends despite the rain.